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The Scenery Beta 2010 International Homebrew Showcase

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Original en español (this new in spanish)

This is the third edition of the Scenery Beta and it comes with plenty of novelties, like our new community logo and the new communities, iApps and Android, or the new possibilities for our users to also get prizes.

Our modest homage is becoming an importan appointment in the summer time for coders all over the world, and sign of it are the 80homebrews which were presented to the last Scenery Beta 2009. We hope that the Scenery Beta 2010 will bring to us even more Homebrews than the last festival. In order to achieve this purpose our Homebrew Festival will dristribute even more money than the last year (3.200€ even despite the global crisis), new model and different colors for the pendrives (4GB each one), new trophies, commemorative stickers and official diplomas.

Scenery Beta 2010 is not a competition, it is just a festival (similar to cinema festivals) which not only pay tribute to all those great coders who make the scene bigger and bigger, but also make the rest of us enjoy with new games and applications for our favourite consoles: PSP, Nintendo DS, Wii and PC and this year also for iDevices and Android. welcomes you to Scenery Beta 2010. Let's get this party started!


Changes since the last Homebrew showcase

We want to summarize the changes since the Scenery Beta 2009, specially for those who toke part on it. We have considered our experiences after the last showcase, and all the suggestions that we received from the participants, who complianed about the Staff scale and votings from one coder to another, just for being friends. So this year:

  • 800 € more for the prizes in Android and iApps.
  • The winners will be able to choose (if available) the colour of their pendrives.
  • In order to spread the Scenery Beta, this year two of our users can win a 4GB pendrive and a T-shirt with the new logo of, simply adding into their blog or website an article announcing our modest homage. You can get more information in the official thread Friends of the Scenery Beta.
  • All the works presented to the "off-contest" section will only get commemorative stickers.
  • You will be able to present only two updates of your homebrew (excluding the original article), so there will be no coder who updates his work every week in order to appear at the front page. This will benefit all the coders who test better their homebrews.
  • Users voting will be more important, because the Homebrew are offered just for the general public. Besides, an user will not vote for only his favourite Homebrew, he will choose his 5 favourite Homebrews, in the correct order. We will try to award to those users who help in the votings.
  • Coders voting will remain present, but they will be less relevant for the final score to avoid that a friend can vote to another. In the Scenery Beta 2010, coders must write down the reasons for their votings.
  • We have written a little manual in order to help our participants to get the better results for their works.
  • This year we will use our official Twitter and Facebook in order to follow up the event. We will also add to our official YouTube Channel videos of the homebrews of the Scenery Beta 2010.
  • We will send again some marvelous trophies, completely updated with the new logo and re-designed by Nova Rosa.

We have also heared to the participants when they spoke us about the prizes: most of them prefer money. When this Scenery Beta 2010 finishes we will send again a questionnaire, to check which changes have been nice and how we can improve future events.



What is Scenery Beta 2009?

It's a Homebrew Festival, an "exhibition" or "fair" where we'll make know the works of coders from all around the world, and some of them as world novelty (hey, but always at coder's choice, that's absolutely only if you want!).

They may get to win cash prizes, which will be awarded by the score given by their fellow coders, and the related community and its users. You've got the details in the Scenery Beta Rules (link at the bottom of this new).

We want to warmly thank to all our sponsors their support and trust which has made this showdown possible:

Zona Virtual,, PlayOcio, Neo Consolas, SpainSellers, Super VideoGames, e-Nuc, ConsolasyPC, SatKit, Tecni-consolas, Nosolochips, DSFlash, SoloNDS, SATMultimedia y OcioyFigura 

I'm a coder, can I enter the showdown?

Any coder can enter the showdown, of whatever country, as long as is willing to show his/her work. The only requisite is that the Homebrew has been under development during last year (or, of course, has been created purposely for this event!), and is available to some of the 6 platforms on which we have an active community at this moment: PSP, Nintendo DS, Wii, PC, iDevices or Android. You can see the submit periods and schedules at the end of this new.

Even more, we've open an "off-contest section", let's think of some SceneryAlpha, where to show those works which are proofs of concept, purely experimental, still unfinished or whatever, so you can get a broader audience and impact in the international Scene. We think that there is a huge load of really great ideas that get lost due to lack of, put simply, someone seeing them. And, yes, we think about giving some kind of award for great "off-contest" ideas.

We also want to tell you that you can publish your Homebrew in other Scene websites, even if it takes part in the Scenery Beta. But you should keep the Splash of the contest. It would be nice if you speak about the Scenery Beta in other websites, doing so the showcast will be better known and if an user checks your work and likes it, maybe he can vote for you in the contest, so it will also benefit you.

I'm an user of this community. What good is this to me?

You'll have access to brand new in the world contents, and you'll have the international Scene latest goodies in front page, detailedly explained by our Staff. Besides, if you've always dreamt of somehow giving a prize to that coder who's made those works you've had so much fun with, well, now you can, because some of his/her work's score will come from our user's appraisal.

As a novelty, this year our users will have also the opportunity to obtain prizes, two 4GB pendrives exactly like the ones of the winners of the Scenery Beta 2010 and two T-Shirts with the new logo of You only have to add in your blog or in the front page of your website an article about the Scenery Beta with a link to this article. You can get aditional information in the official thread "Friends of the Scenery Beta".

We will also try to give some presents to the users who help in the votings, we will look into it when the votings arrive.

You have more details at the end of this article, Scenery Beta 2010 Rules.

What are you looking for with Scenery Beta?

First and foremost, to pay homage and respect to the scores of anonymous or little-known coders who daily struggle to make our machines more and more useful. Also, we hope that the thousands of users who visit us every day have lots of fun checking and playing with the works, comfortably sitting at home.

This is the third year that the Scenery Beta awards our loved coders, and we want to award even better Homebrews this year. That is why we will give some presents to those users who help us to spread our modest homage to coders.

In a nutshell, Scenery Beta is a great homebrew fair, with cash prizes for those people who give us something to talk about in these pages.

Cheers to the Scene!


Here's the link to the Scenery Beta 2010 rules.

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