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The Scenery Beta 2008 International Homebrew Showcase

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Original en español (this new in spanish)

Finally, one of the ideas that has been buzzing for longer down the ears of the Grupo admins, has got to see the light: "kinda contest" of Homebrew. And it's a "kinda contest", like that, because we haven't planned quite a contest, but something truly akin to the film festivals, someplace to bring a little homage to those coders who make the Scene grow. The most outstanding works will, also, have a cash prize; we'll give away more than €2000 (more than three grand$)! And well, those of us unable to code, will be delighted by brand new releases whatever it's our favorite platform, either PSP, Nintendo DS, Wii or PC. Be welcome to Scenery Beta 2008, our own and only homebrew festival, scenery and fiesta!

What is Scenery Beta 2008?

It's a Homebrew Festival, an "exhibition" or "fair" where we'll make know the works of coders from all around the world, and some of them as world novelty (hey, but always at coder's choice, that's absolutely only if you want!).

They may get to win cash prizes, which will be awarded by the score given by their fellow coders, and the related community and its users. You've got the details in the Scenery Beta Rules (link at the bottom of this new).

We want to warmly thank to all our sponsors their support and trust which has made this showdown possible:


Soporte optico, Zona Virtual,, Informatica y telecomunicaciones, Discochip, Supercard, SoloPLAY, PlayOcio, Centroconsolas, EZ-Flash, Neo Consolas, Opirata,, RunnerHD, SpainSellers, PSPyPDA, y Super VideoGames

Where'd you get that idea?

It's been some months now since the community Admins were toying with the idea of making some coding contest. It'd be the first time that a Spanish-speaking web did something like that. And finally, our nice little dream has come true!


I'm a coder, can I enter the showdown?

Any coder can enter the showdown, of whatever country, as long as is willing to show his/her work. The only requisite is that the Homebrew has been under development during last year (or, of course, has been created purposely for this event!), and is available to some of the 4 platforms on which we have an active community at this moment: PSP, Nintendo DS, Wii or PC. You can see the submit periods and schedules at the end of this new).

Even more, we've open an "off-contest section", let's think of some SceneryAlpha, where to show those works which are proofs of concept, purely experimental, still unfinished or whatever, so you can get a broader audience and impact in the international Scene. We think that there is a huge load of really great ideas that get lost due to lack of, put simply, someone seeing them. And, yes, we think about giving some kind of award for great "off-contest" ideas.

I'm an user of this community. What good is this to me?

You'll have access to brand new in the world contents, and you'll have the international Scene latest goodies in front page, detailedly explained by our Staff. Besides, if you've always dreamt of somehow giving a prize to that coder who's made those works you've had so much fun with, well, now you can, because some of his/her work's score will come from our user's appraisal.

What are you looking for with Scenery Beta?

First and foremost, to pay homage and respect to the scores of anonymous or little-known coders who daily struggle to make our machines more and more useful. Also, we hope that the thousands of users who visit us every day have lots of fun checking and playing with the works, comfortably sitting at home.

In a nutshell, Scenery Beta is a great homebrew fair, with cash prizes for those people who give us something to talk about in these pages.

¡Cheers to the Scene!


Here's the link to the Scenery Beta 2008 rules.

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Dude(s)! WTF translated this? I don't know who did this, but honestly I gotta say it: What an impeccable english! Ten for that! Oh! By the way congratulations about this contest, it's freaking awesome. Very detailed... wish I could do something... I want one of those pendrives :(

Greetings, :D

Imagen de Tanos

It was

It was ZYX3D :P

Imagen de Winsmaster

Then good for that, ZYX3D :P

Then good for that, ZYX3D :P

Imagen de ZYX3D

I plead guilty, yay :D

Kthx for your "thumbs up" on my translation, Winsmaster (though I must say that the translation was proofed also by other staff members, AFAIK).

The idea was to make the English translation "as international as possible", that is, not "in American English" or so, but some English that could -hopefully- be equally understood either by an Armenian or a Japanese, for instance... that's why it's "oh-so-Webster-ish"; and also, why is sometimes a rewrite more than a translation. Hence, the "submission rules" are in Spanish more properly something like "requisites that must be met for your work, not you, to apply for the contest", or kinda. I mean, when looking to a contest or exhib rules in English, people are expecting submission guidelines or rules... and a direct translation here *could* cause some difficulties or people wondering "why do they say that in such a bizarre way??", when actually it's a "serendipity" in the translator's sense (something which can be said in just one word in a language, can need a lot more in another one).

And well, it seems -at least right now- that it worked... Again, thanks :)

Strength is irrelevant. Resistance is future. We wish to improve ourselves.

La fuerza es irrelevante. La resistencia es futuro. Queremos mejorarnos.

Imagen de Winsmaster


I undersatand. I mean, It wouldn't have been fair to use street slams when an English (in a sort of way) might read this, you know I'm saying?

Anyway, let's not fill this page by lots of our comments :P, the main idea is clear and you can be 100% sure that you have reached your goal: to make this international-understandable.

See Ya!! Read Ya!

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