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Scenery Beta 2009 International Homebrew Showcase Rules

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Original en español (rules in spanish)

Scenery Beta is an international homebrew showcase, where developers and teams from around the world may show their works and projects, and so make 'em known to the Big Audience. It is aimed to those platforms on which has an active community right now (PC, PSP, NDS and Wii), and akin to the commonplace film festivals.

Trophies of Scenery Beta 2009


There will be two different sections (official, or contest section, and off-contest section) for each platform (PC, PSP, NDS y Wii). The organizers reserve the right to classify any homebrew sent as "off-contest", either due to lack of functionality (like proofs of concept), or any other likely reason, which will be always explained to the author(s).


The official section for each platform will have two categories, Games and Applications (emulators will be classified as Apps).

Awards & Prizes

One pic of one of the trophies

For each category and platform in the official section the following prizes will be awarded, totalling an amount of 40 awards (4 platforms * 2 categories each * 5 awards each). Prizes for each one of the 8 categories total will be as follows:

  • 1st Prize: Trophy + 150€ + 4GB Pendrive + Stickers + Diploma
  • 2nd Prize: Trophy + 100€ + 4GB Pendrive + Stickers + Diploma
  • 3rd Prize: Trophy + 50€ + 4GB Pendrive + Stickers + Diploma
  • 4th Prize: 4GB Pendrive + Stickers + Diploma
  • 5th Prize: 4GB Pendrive + Stickers + Diploma

Which adds to a 24 trophies, 2.400€ and 40 4-GB Pendrives total amount.

(This is how our pendrives look like)

Besides these official prizes in the contest categories, the organizers may agree to grant special, symbolic awards in the off-contest section.

How to submit your work

  • In order to be able to participate in this contest, you must be of age or have your tutor/parents' permission. You do not have to send to us any document, you only have to show these rules to your parents so they can let you take part in the Scenery Beta.
  • All homebrews must include the Showcase starting/splah screen for its platform (this is mandatory).
  • We will not accept any homebrew that includes third party contents with copyright, without the autorization of their respective owners. The participant declares to have all the authorizations when he sends his work to us.
  • The author/s of the Homebrew must be registered in, because it will be a requirement to be able to vote.
  • The same homebrew cannot be presented to more than one category.
  • Inscription period: From the moment these rules are published until Sep, 1, 2009 at 24:00 hrs (UTC+2 timezone).
  • All homebrews presented must have been started, or created, or significantly changed or developed during last natural year (12 months) before publishing these rules, or during the submitting period. Of course, you can submit a Homebrew created specially for this Showcase.
  • We will only accept old Scenery Beta entries if a Homebrew has been changed significantly, or has improved its funcionality (the organization will be very demanding with this point).
  • No homebrew will be accepted if it may somehow infringe the (copy)rights of its loading platform, or use commercially branded code (that is, PSP plugins, ISO-loaders, & the like).
  • No homebrew will be accepted if it goes against the basic rules of the communities, that is, under no circumstances will be accepted those of racist content, sexist, xenophobical, inciting to violence against women, or aimed exclusively for people major of legal age/age of consent (i.e., "adult content").
  • The author (either a single coder or the whole team) must answer the voting form, where he/she will mark the 5 best homebrews for each category where the author has submitted any work (auto-voting is forbidden), or else the score given by other coders to his/her work won't be added to his/her final score.
  • The organization reserves itself the right to mark any work submitted as an off-contest work.
  • The author may specify that his/her work should be inscribed directly as an off-contest work.
  • All works must be e-mailed to this address: [email protected].
  • All submitted works which comply the present rules will be published in the relevant community of By submitting the work, the author agrees to this publication en los terminos descritos en el apartado "Publicación y/o envio de contenidos a" de los términos y condiciones.
  • Works must be sent as a single compressed, attached file, in ZIP, RAR or 7Z format.
  • This file will include anything needed to run the work (.dlls, &c) and cannot rely on launchers or external programs to be run (it must be an executable). That is, if it's a program written in Java, Flash o Lua, it must be packed for execution (.exe, eboot, .elf, &c, depending on the platform), and if it is a work for PC that needs libraries (which must be licensed as free to use), these must be incorporated, too.
  • It is allowed to send more than one version of the same homebrew, as long as the submitting period is still open, and the version which will be voted shall be the latest one presented which complies with the present rules. Any new version shall be e-mailed again, with the same requirements.
  • If a Homebrew takes part in the Scenery Beta, you can publish it in other Scene websites. But you must keep the Splash of the Scenery Beta.
  • Along with the homebrew, the following data must be supplied:
    • user account: web adress of the link "mi cuenta" of the authorized users for the voting.
    • Platform: either PC (and which operating system), PSP, NDS or Wii.
    • Version code for the homebrew (allowing to track its evolution).
    • Loading/installation instructions (if needed).
    • If needed, any additional file/folder structure.
    • Website of the author(s) (if he/she has one).
    • A valid e-mail address for contact.
    • If it's being presented as a novelty for Scenery Beta 2009 or not, we will add it to the article.
    • All the changes since the last version, if the Homebrew is not a new Homebrew.
    • And any other addtional data that you feel necessary.

Scoring system

Once the submitting period is over, votations shall begin, and will be open until 24:00 hrs of September, 25, 2009 (UTC+2). Scores will range from 0 to 10 according to:

  • User votes: 70% of final score. Each user will choose his 5 favourite Homebrew of each category, the order will be important (more ponts will be given to the most favourite).
  • Contestant (coders/teams) votes: 30% of final score. Each contestant (either single author or team) will receive a link to a form where he/she will choose the 5 best homebrews for each category on the platforms he/she's contesting in, not being allowed to vote for him/herself (es motivo de descalificación). The author has to fill this form, or else the other contestants' votes for his/her homebrew won't be added to the author's final score.

When the final results are published, the detailed score on the three ratings above for each homebrew will also be published.

Awarding of prizes

The winners list will be published on October, 1, 2009.

  • If you are a winner of any of the categories, you must send to us the next personal information, to be able to send the prize and communicate the fiscal information to your respective country (only for cash prizes), which will be treat using the spanish legislation (Ley Orgánica 15/1999 de Protección de Datos de Caracter Personal) and registered in the file 209161020279 property of "SB IT MEDIA, S.L." where the participant can make use of his rights as it is explained in the terms and conditions of Requiered data:
    1. Name and last name/s
    2. Age
    3. Adress
    4. e-mail
    5. Fiscal identification number (only for cash prizes)
    6. Bank account (only for cash prizes)
  • Once the winners are known, the cash prizes will be cashed either by bank transfer or other method, which can be agree with the participant.
  • The material prizes (pendrives) will be sent by registered international mail or courier.

The Scenery Beta 2009 organization reserves the right to modify partially or totally the present rules, if there are major reasons to do so ("major reasons" being what is also called in legal terms "act of God" or "force majeure"), and always in a reasoned, well-explained way. Also, the ultimate interpretation of these rules will be that of the organization.

Official Splash Screens

  • For NDS:
  • For PC:
  • For PSP:
  • For Wii:

Here's the link to the Scenery Beta 2009 article.


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Thanks Unicorn for translating all this to English.

It is going to be really useful for our english comunity xD

PD: Cool prizes & splash screens ;-)

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